What is Supernova?
Collaborate between design and development teams using preferred tools, and translate design system data automatically into code

Supernova overview

Welcome to Supernova, the first platform that allows designers and developers to truly co-create products using the tools they prefer.
Supernova connects to popular design editors and interprets design systems into data. These data can then be transformed in powerful ways to create code for product development, for literally any coding stack or platform imaginable.
These transformations can be fully automated so that when design changes occur, code is automatically updated to reflect the changes. Developers can fully control how the code is rendered, literally down to the individual code characters. An ecosystem of Supernova-developed and community-maintained code export packages is available for popular stacks and platforms via the Supernova exporter store, or teams can choose to create their own — for instance, to support proprietary frameworks or to customize code output to meet any company guidelines.

By using Supernova, your team will gain:

  • Consistent and automated translation of design elements to code, eliminating "handoff" and the associated work and chance for error or misinterpretation, and eliminating the need to write and maintain custom scripts to automate design to code tasks
  • Better tools for design governance and documentation of design decisions
  • A centralized and shareable source of design truth that will keep all team members — and diverse teams across the enterprise — in sync
  • The ability to easily change tooling (design editors, coding platforms and frameworks, etc.) without "big bang" switchovers

The Supernova workflow

Design in your editor of choice

All the power of Supernova — in the design editor your team is already invested in. Maintain your design system in the design editor of your choice (Figma, Sketch), and connect to Supernova to access the full range of the design to code workflow.

Convert style definitions to a common language

Design tokens are a common design system element not accurately represented in current design editor software. Transform your design system styles and themes into a common design language both designers and developers can agree on.
Export multi-platform code for design system elements
With Supernova's design system data model, you can export code for any platform that describes design elements, such as tokens, components, themes, or documentation — for any platform you like.

Automate code delivery

Supernova brings the world's first design continuous integration that seamlessly delivers the code to any codebase, to any platform on your behalf.
Looking for detailed information about code integration? Go to the Supernova Developer platform.
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