Guide to code integration

How to use Supernova to keep your design system data in sync with production codebases.

Why use Supernova?

Supernova's robust data model allows advanced synchronization between your design system and codebases. Integrate with Supernova to automate and streamline code delivery from your design system to multi-platform finished products.

Export design system elements to code Export code for any platform that describes design system elements, such as tokens, components, themes, or documentation.

Automatically distribute code (Design Continuous Deployment) Seamlessly distribute design system code to any codebase with Supernova's design continuous integration (DCD).

Fully control code generation and contributions Code export can also be run manually and locally within your development environment — control what gets generated and how the code is contributed to the codebase.

Support multiple platforms Deliver code to multiple platforms at the same time.

Build bleeding-edge code generation tools Build code generation tools in a fraction of the time. Using our Pulsar technology, describe how the code generation should behave in regard to any codebase.

For more detailed information about code integration and contributing your own exporters, see the Supernova Developer Platform documentation