Linked files

A linked file is a Figma file that has been imported into Supernova to be used as a source for your design system.

Linked Files appear under the Figma tab, along with the time Supernova last checked for updates, and the last fetched version that was imported.

Figma linked files

Sync modes


If you selected automatic updates, Supernova will check for changes periodically (hourly) and update the design system automatically.


If you selected manual updates, you must click Get updates to fetch the latest changes.

Upgrade to Team or Company plan to enable autoupdate for linked files

Link a new Figma file

  1. In the Figma tab, click + Link New File

  2. Enter the URL of the file you would like to link

  3. Click Link File to complete

Link a Figma File

If you choose to turn on automatic updates, Supernova will check the linked file periodically (hourly) for new changes to import

Link multiple files

If your design system is divided into multiple Figma files or libraries, they can also be imported into Supernova. Updates for these files can be fetched individually by file, or all at once.

To link another Figma file, follow the same process as above.

Upgrade to Team or Company plan to link multiple Figma files

Unlink a Figma file

Unlinking a file will remove all imported tokens, and any previously created properties and aliases or token references for this file will also be lost. The file can be imported again in the future, but it will be treated as a brand new file in Supernova.

To unlink a Figma file and remove all related tokens from Supernova:

  1. In Linked Figma files, find the file you would like to unlink

  2. In the context menu, click Unlink file

  3. Type "UNLINK" to confirm, and click Unlink

Unlinking a Figma file

Relink a Figma file

In the case that a Figma file becomes unlinked, such as the file was deleted or the user who gave access to the file was revoked in Figma, you have the option to relink the file.

  1. In Linked Figma files, a file that is missing will show a Relink file button

  2. Click Relink file to provide a new URL for this file

A file is unavailable, and needs to be relinked