Managing tokens

Edit or delete tokens

Imported tokens

All changes to imported tokens should be re-imported into Supernova. If you are using Figma to manage your tokens, see Integrating with Figma for more information on editing or updating tokens.

To delete an imported token, it must be deleted in your design file.

Groups created in Figma with the slash naming convention will be preserved when imported into Supernova. To edit a Figma group, make the change in Figma and re-import.

Supernova tokens

Tokens created in Supernova can be freely edited in Supernova.

Edit Supernova tokens

  1. Open the token menu ••• and click Edit

  2. Edit the token name, description or value(s)

  3. Click Confirm to save

Editing a Supernova token

Delete Supernova tokens

  1. Open the token edit dialog

  2. Click the delete icon

  3. In the Delete token dialog, click Delete to confirm

— or —

  1. Click ••• and select Delete

  2. In the Delete token dialog, click Delete to confirm

Group Supernova tokens

  1. Locate the token you would like to add to a group, and open the token menu •••

  2. Click Move to Group > and select a group to add it to (or create a new group)

Grouping a Supernova Token

Ungroup Supernova tokens

  1. In the group ••• menu, click Ungroup

  2. Click Confirm to ungroup

  3. Tokens inside this group will be moved up one level, and the group will be deleted

Ungrouping Supernova tokens