Writing and editing
How to write and edit your documentation with Supernova
The documentation editor behaves like any familiar text document editor (such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Notion). You can type anywhere, select text, copy and paste, and add rich content blocks that include information about your design system.
Highlight and format text using the rich text editor

What's a block?

A block is any kind of content you add to the page, such as text, lists, quotes, dividers, or media. You can move blocks around on the page to reorder your information.
Supernova has a special set of powerful blocks for tokens and components that utilize your design system data in unique ways. Keep manual documentation editing to a minimum and have your content automatically stay up to date.
And when you introduce custom blocks through documentation exporters, anything is possible!

Create a new block

Add text by typing, and add content blocks by typing / or clicking the + button on any empty row.
Start typing to add text
Select from a list of different blocks to add

Delete a block

To delete any block, hover on the row and click to open the block menu, and choose Delete. You can also delete any text block by selecting and typing the del key.

Convert to a different block type

You may find you would like to change a block type from one style to another, for example, convert text into a header.
To convert a block to a different block type:
  1. 1.
    Hover over the block row and click to open the menu
  2. 2.
    Select Convert to... and select from a list of compatible block types
Note: Some block types are not compatible with others and thus cannot be converted.
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