Text blocks
Text blocks are created by simply typing in a new row in the documentation editor. Text can be edited the same as in any most other editing software programs. There are multiple types of styles that text blocks can have for different purposes.

Types of blocks

The following text blocks can be created:
Block name
Plain text
Header 1
Large section header
Header 2
Medium section header
Header 3
Small section header
Ordered list
A list with numbers
Bullet list
A list with bullets
Display a quotation
A section divider
Highlight a section of text
Display a snippet of code


A callout block can be used to highlight a section of text to make it stand out, and to communicate a certain message in your documentation.
A callout block
There are four styles of a callout block (info, success, warning, error). Hover and click the icon to select a specific style for your block.
Callout block styles


A code block can be created to display a code snippet.
  • Select a language from the dropdown menu to change the highlighting
  • Click Caption to add a caption below the block
  • Click Copy to copy the code to your clipboard

Inline code

Plain text can also be formatted as inline code with the rich text editing bar. Highlight the text and click the code button to convert it to an inline code block.


A divider block can be used to separate other blocks on your page.
Example of a divider block
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