Guide to documentation

Use Supernova's powerful documentation editor to document your design system

Document your design system with our powerful editor and integrate your Supernova design system data to keep your documentation always up to date the latest changes. Write and edit, completely customize the appearance, and easily publish, collaborate, and maintain your documentation.

The following features are included in the documentation editor:

  • rich text editing, code blocks, and images

  • add static images from Figma frames

  • add special "blocks" created from your design system data, such as:

    • individual tokens, token lists and groups

    • individual components, component lists and groups

    • component sandbox

  • custom URL embeds, including Figma frames, Storybook and YouTube

  • add custom shortcuts to other sections of your documentation

An example of the documentation editor

Edit Docs

To access the documentation editor:

  1. In your current design system, click the Edit docs button

Edit docs