npm Registry

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In Supernova, it’s possible to render components from a private npm Registry to use in your documentation. You can configure your npm Registry within Supernova to enable specific scopes of your choosing.

Enable npm registry

Enable npm registry
  1. In your Workspace settings, find the npm Registry page.
  2. Under Enable private npm Registry, toggle the switch to On.
  3. Click Update settings to confirm the change.

Configure npm Registry

Configure npm Registry
  1. You’ll now see the npm Registry configuration section in your settings.
  2. Paste the access token issued by your package host into the Access token field. You can learn more about access tokens here.
  3. In the Enabled scopes field, you can add the name of each registry scope you want to enable (you can use the @ or not, it’s up to you!)
  4. Separate each additional scope name with a comma followed by a space.


You can now use the Render React code block to render code from your private library.