Open a pull request

Open an Azure pull request when a hook is triggered

Supernova will open a new or append an existing pull request on a branch called supernova / [exporter name]. Make sure there are no conflicting branch names before running the build.

Delivery - PR Azure No auth

You will first need to authenticate with your Azure account to allow Supernova to open a pull request on your behalf. You have two options for authentication:

  1. Sign in to Azure with OAuth
  2. Use an Azure personal access token
Azure PR

Once you have authenticated:

  1. In the create a hook dialog, select Open Azure pull request as the delivery method
  2. Select where you would like to open the pull request — choose the connection (OAuth or personal access token), an organizationprojectrepositorybranch, and optionally a relative path
  3. Optional — If you do not want the hook to trigger automatically when it is created, you can turn the toggle to OFF
  4. Click Confirm to create the hook