Installing exporters

How to install exporters in Supernova

In order to use an exporter, it must be installed in your workspace. The exporter will then be available to all developers with access to your workspace. There are two ways to install an exporter package:

  • install an existing exporter from the exporter Store
  • link a GitHub repository containing an exporter package
Install an exporter

Install an exporter from the store

  1. Navigate to Code Integration → Store
  2. Locate the exporter you would like to install
  3. Click the Install button
  4. The exporter will be installed and now available to use.


To see a list of all installed exporters, navigate to Code Integration → Installed.

Install an exporter from a GitHub repository

In Supernova, all Exporters are backed by GitHub repositories. To install an exporter you've created — or someone else's exporter — from a GitHub repository.

The name, description and all other metadata about the exporter package will be taken from the exporter.json configuration file.

  1. Navigate to Code Integration → Store
  2. Click + New
  3. Enter a valid GitHub repository URL
  4. Click Confirm
New exporter

Exporter preview

Before or after installing an exporter, you can see a preview of the output using your design system data.

  1. In the exporter Store, or in your list of Installed exporters, click any exporter to open the detail page
  2. Click the Preview button
  3. Click Run to see the preview
Code preview