Using exporters

Install Visual Studio Code extension

Install the VS Code extension to work with the Supernova platform directly in your Microsoft VS Code environment. It can be installed from the VS Code extension marketplace.

Install Visual Studio Code extension

Install Visual Studio Code extension


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A "build" in Supernova represents a single run of a specific exporter that points to a specific design system and version.


Run an exporter in VS Code

We recommend you use the VS Code extension to run exporters and obtain production code. If you are unable to, or would prefer not to use the extension, you can use the Supernova Cloud interface.

Run an exporter in Supernova Cloud

You can run any installed exporter manually from the Cloud environment.

Note -> The recommended method is using the VS Code extension

Step 1: Select an exporter and brand

  1. Navigate to Code Integration → Builds
  2. To request a new build, click on the + New button
  3. Select the exporter to build with (the currently selected design system and version will be used)
  4. If brands are enabled, select the design system brand as well
  5. Click Next
New build — Brand selection

Step 2: Choose a delivery method

  1. Choose a delivery method from the list — view a detailed explanation of delivery options here
  2. If you have not yet authorized the delivery destination (eg. GitHub) you will need to sign in to the service with OAuth or with a personal access token. See Integrations
New build — Delivery
New build — GitHub Signed out

If you select a pull request delivery option:

  1. Select the connection (for example, which access token you would like to use)
  2. Depending on the service (eg. GitHub, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, etc.), the options below may appear differently depending on the service's configuration
    • Organization / Group / Workspace
    • Project
    • Repository
    • Branch -> We will open a new or append an existing pull request on a branch called supernova/[exporter-name]. Make sure there are no conflicting branch names before running the build.
    • Relative path (optional) -> Path relative to the repository root to which code will be exported
  3. Click Run to run the build

When you run a build, it will be queued on our CI/CD servers and will generate the code on your behalf. You can stay on the same page — it will automatically refresh when the code is ready.

New build — GitHub PR