Multi-brand design systems

Create advanced design systems with multiple brands

Supernova gives you the freedom to create a design system that encompasses all brands of a company. In a Supernova design system, you can create brands that may share some similar tokens, components or assets, which which could be styled independently.

With the documentation editor, you can access design system content from all brands and document them side by side in one website.

Upgrade to a Company plan to access the multi-brand design system feature

Enable a multi-brand design system

Multi-brand design systems are enabled by default on the Team and Company plans. Every design system starts with a default brand, and must have at least one brand. This brand can be renamed if desired.

If you have a design system already and would like to enable multi-brand, your existing design system content will become the first brand.

If your multi-brand design system has been disabled, you can re-enable it in design system settings.

Disable a multi-brand design system

To disable a multi-brand design system:

  1. Go to Design system settings -> Brands
  2. Click the Brands enabled toggle in the top right corner to turn it off
If you have more than one brand in your design system, brands cannot be disabled

Create a new brand

To create a new brand in your design system:

  1. Click the brands dropdown and select + New brand (or go to the brands page and click + New)
  2. Enter the name and description (optional) for the new brand
  3. Click Confirm

Delete a brand

To delete a brand:

  1. In the brands dropdown select Edit brands, or go to Design system settings -> Brands
  2. Hover over the brand you would like to delete and click Delete
  3. In the delete brand dialog, click Confirm

Edit brands

  1. In the brands dropdown select Edit brands, or go to Design system settings -> Brands
  2. Hover over the brand to edit and click Edit
  3. Change the name or description and click Confirm
To edit the design system content of a brand, switch to the new brand to make changes

Switch between brands

  1. In your design system, in the top right corner there is a Brand dropdown
  2. Open this dropdown to switch between available brands
  3. The content in your design system will change depending on the selected brand

Create branded design system content

  1. In the brand dropdown, select the brand you would like to add content to
  2. If this is a new brand, or if the brand is empty, you can import content from a Figma file

Branded documentation blocks

When brands are enabled, blocks that use information from your design system will have an extra selection option. Each token block can be changed to show information from a chosen brand.

If you switch between brands with tokens already selected, matching tokens will be kept in the block. Otherwise, if they don't have a corresponding match, they will be removed.