Manage team resources used in your design system

What is a font source?

A font source is the source file of a font that is used in your design system. Font files are uploaded to Supernova and automatically grouped by font family.

Supported font formats

The following font formats are currently supported by Supernova:

  • Web Open Font Format .woff, .woff2
  • TrueType .ttf
  • TrueType Collection .ttc

Working with Fonts

Using font sources in tokens

Font assets can be used in Font or Typography tokens.

When creating Font or Typography tokens, each font in the list is associated with a source. These sources are listed in Resources. If you have used a custom font in Figma but haven't yet uploaded a source, the font will show up as missing. See Missing Fonts.

Editing a font token

Upload fonts

Font files can be uploaded to assets for use in your design system.

Uploading a font file

To upload a new font file:

  1. In the Resources tab, click Upload button
  2. Browse and select the font file you would like to upload
  3. Verify the correct fonts are located in this file, and click Confirm

List of fonts in the chosen file

Missing fonts

If a font or typography token has been created but there is no font source file associated with it, the font will show up as missing.

To upload a missing font:

  1. In the Resources tab, locate a missing font source in this list
  2. Click the Upload file button
  3. Upload the font file to resolve

Download font

To download a font:

  1. In the Resources tab, locate the font to be downloaded
  2. Click Download file to begin the download

Delete font

To delete a font:

  1. In the Resources tab, locate the font to be deleted
  2. Click Delete file to delete the file
  3. In the Delete font file dialog, review the list of tokens that will be affected
  4. Click Confirm to continue with deletion

Deleting a font file