Import from Figma

Import your design system elements to Supernova and keep design files and data up-to-date

After you have created your account and workspace, you can import into your new design system in Supernova. This design system will be the home for all of your design system data, from all sources.

When you import from a Figma file, the styles will be imported, and it will become a design system file in Supernova.

  1. In the Import dialog, enter the name of your new design system
  2. Enter the URL of the Figma file you would like to import
  3. Click Confirm to link the file
  4. Authorize Supernova to access your Figma account*
  5. Proceed with import

*Supernova has read-only access to only the files for which you provide access

If you choose to turn on automatic updates, Supernova will check the linked file periodically (hourly) for new changes to import.

Once the import is complete, a summary will be displayed. The summary will include a list of all imported tokens and components, and in the case of subsequent imports, the summary will also show changes, such as items that have been updated or removed.

After clicking Done, all of your design tokens and components imported from Figma will now be visible in your Supernova design system.

Subsequent imports (updates)

Once a Figma file is imported, it is added as a source for your design system (linked). It does not need to be added again, updates from the file can be fetched instead.

See the Get updates page for more details.