Import from Figma

Import your design system elements to Supernova and keep design files and data up-to-date


Below is a list of warnings or errors you may encounter when importing your data from Figma explained in more detail, and how to fix them.

Imported content

No published styles were found in this file
Publish the Figma file before importing

This warning means that the file you are attempting to import has not yet been published in Figma. See also What is a Figma library? and How to publish a library in Figma.

Some styles were not used in the document, and were ignored

This warning means that although your styles may be published, they have not been used anywhere in the Figma file. Styles must be applied or used somewhere in the file to be considered a relevant and active part of the library.

1 component could not be imported

There is an unknown issue with the component(s) you are trying to import.

Figma files

This Figma file has already been linked

If a Figma file has been added as a design source (linked) and you have already imported from it once, it does not need to be added again. The file can be updated instead.

The Figma file is unavailable. Relink file with your Figma account to gain access.

This error means that for some reason Supernova cannot access the Figma file, but it is possible to relink the file.

Your Figma account can no longer access the file. It may have been deleted, or your access was revoked — unlink this file instead.

This error means that for some reason Supernova cannot access the Figma file, and it is not possible to relink the file (for example, the file has been deleted, or you no longer have access to it). You will be prompted to unlink the file instead.