Custom domain

Personalize your documentation website even further with a custom domain.

Set up your custom domain

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If you would prefer your project have a domain of your choosing, you can set up a Custom Domain under Documentation > Settings > General > Custom Domain.

Docs settings - Custom Domain
  1. In your documentation settings, click the Connect a Domain button
  2. Set up an ALIAS DNS record pointed at the domain we provided you
  3. Input your chosen domain name
  4. Hit Confirm to enable this functionality
  5. Wait for the SSL cerificate to be provisioned on our behalf (Note: this action can take a few seconds)
  6. When "Domain Configuration successful" appears, click View Website to test your custom domain connection
Docs settings - Connect a doamin

Set up a DNS ALIAS record

In the domain manager of your hosting provider, you’ll first need to create a new record. Usually, you need to input the following information:

Record Type






(set to default / 1300 seconds)

If the DNS ALIAS is set up correctly, the SSL certificate should take a few seconds to be generated and you can check if your documentation is working on your new custom domain.

Confirm if SSL and DNS ALIAS are set up correctly

When "Domain Configuration Successful" appears on the Documentation Settings you can click View website to test your custom domain connection. On the navigation bar of your browser click on the padlock icon next to your website address and check if the connection is secure. You can also check if your address has https:// on the navigation bar.




If the connection is secure and your documentation appears when you navigate to your custom domain, you are all set!

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