Primary navigation

Top navigation

Top navigation adds a navigation bar that shows at the top of your documentation pages. This is the default view in the default documentation exporter.

Side navigation

Side navigation removes the top navigation bar and only shows the side navigation.

Change navigation style

  1. In the top bar, click the navigation style icon (top or side)
  2. Your navigation will change automatically
The structure of your groups and pages always stays the same

Switch between navigation styles

Reorder or move groups and pages

You can use drag and drop to reorder or move groups and pages in the top or side navigation. This includes moving items between the top and side navigation, and moving items into groups.

  1. Hover over the page or group and click and drag the icon
  2. Drop it where you would like to move it:
    • On top of another item to move it into that item
    • Next to another item to reorder items

Reordering menu items

Moving menu items

Add CTA button to navigation

Optionally, you can show a CTA button in the top navigation bar.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Documentation -> Show CTA Button
  2. Turn the switch for Show CTA Button to ON
  3. Add the text and destination (URL) for the button, and select whether it should open in a new tab
  4. Publish documentation site to see this feature take effect
This is a feature of the default exporter only
Publish to see this feature take effect (it will not be visible in the editor)