Leave feedback and collaborate with teammates.


Work together and give feedback efficiently by adding comments to content blocks in the documentation editor.

Add a comment to a block

Comments - block context menu
  1. Hover on the block you’d like to add a comment to, and click the dots icon to open the block context menu.
  2. Select Comment from the menu.
  3. The comment popover will open. Type your comment and click the send icon to save it.
Comments - write a comment

View all comments on a page

Comments - panel

You can view all the comments added to one page by opening the Comments tab in the property panel on the right. Make sure you don’t have a block selected when doing this, or you’ll see only see comments on that specific block instead.

You can also view resolved comments on the page. In the dropdown menu at the top of the Comments tab, select Resolved to show all comments that have been marked as resolve. Select the Open comments option from this menu to see unresolved comments.

Finally, you can search comments on the page using the Search bar at the top of the panel. You can search by user or by keyword.

View comments on a specific block

  1. Select the block to open the block’s individual property panel.
  2. Click the Comments tab in the panel to view all comments attached to the block. You can reply or react to comments, or resolve them, in the panel.

Reply or react to a comment

Comments - react & reply

To reply to a comment, click Reply below it and write your reply in the comment field.

To react to a comment, click the smiley icon and select your reaction emoji from the list.

Resolve a comment

To resolve a comment:

  1. Hover on the relevant comment.
  2. Click the check icon in the comment box. It will be marked as resolved and removed from the open comments list.

To mark a comment as open again:

  1. Click Resolved comments to show all resolved comments.
  2. Hover on the relevant comment.
  3. Click the check icon at the top right of the comment aging. The comment will be marked as open again, and added back into the open comments list.