Stay up to date with comments and replies.

You’ll receive notifications every time a team member mentions you in a comment, replies to a thread you’ve commented in, or reacts to a comment you’ve made.

You can get both in-app and email notifications.

In-app notifications

Notifications - Menu

You can find all of your notifications in the left navigation menu. When you have unread notifications, a red notification icon is displayed.

Click the notification bell icon in the collapsed menu, or Notifications in the expanded menu, to open all of your notifications.

You can then click on each notification to open the relevant comment or thread.

Notifications - Modal

You can choose to either view only your unread notifications, or all notifications (both read and unread) by selecting your preferred option from the dropdown menu.

Notifications - Modal settings

Notification settings

Notifications - Display settings

You can choose what you’d like to be notified about in the notification settings modal. In the Notification settings dropdown menu, you can choose between:

  • Everything - All comments made on documentation in this workspace.
  • Mentions and replies - Any comments and replies you are tagged in, and any replies to comments you’ve made.
  • Nothing - No notifications.
Notifications - Main settings

You can further edit your notification settings in the Account section of your general settings.

You can also choose to enable or disable in-app notifications and email notifications.