Keyboard shortcuts

A list of keyboard shortcuts that can be used in the documentation editor


  • Press Arrow keys to move cursor
  • Hold Shift + Left/right arrows to expand text selection left or right
  • Hold Shift + Up/down arrows to expand text selection up or down
    • if single line text block, to beginning or end of line
  • From a selected block, Cmd/Ctrl + A to select all blocks on page

Text blocks

  • Press Enter to insert a line of text
  • Press Shift + Enter to create a line break within a block of text
  • Press Del/Backspace to delete selected text
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + C to copy selected text
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + X to cut selected text
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + V to paste selected text
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + B to bold text
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + I to italicise text
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + S to strikethrough text
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + E to convert to inline code
  • Press Tab to nest content
  • Press Shift + Tab to un-nest content
  • Double click to select a word

Table blocks

  • Press Tab to navigate to the next cell
  • When in the last cell of the row, press Tab to navigate to the first cell in the next row
  • When on the last cell of a table, press Tab to create a new row, or press Tab again to dismiss and exit the table
  • Press Shift + Tab to navigate to the previous cell
  • Press Esc to move focus up a level

In a selected cell:

  • Type to focus the content and append the text
  • Press Enter to move focus (cursor) to that cell to type text
  • Backspace and Del removes contents from the cell
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + C to copy text
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + X to cut text
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + V to paste text
  • Arrow keys move the selection in the desired direction

All blocks

  • Press Esc to clear the block selection menu
  • Press Del or Backspace to delete selected blocks
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + D to duplicate selection blocks