Asset blocks display assets imported into Supernova

Assets are exportable components that are used in your design system.

See the section What is an Asset? for more details

Display assets

Add assets to your documentation with the Asset block.

  1. Select Asset from the block menu
  2. Select + Add Asset to choose an asset from Supernova
  3. In the dialog, select the assets you would like to add
  4. Click Confirm

Remove an asset

To remove an asset from the block:

  1. Hover over the asset you would like to remove
  2. Click the  icon to open the asset menu
  3. Select Delete

Reorder assets

You can reorder the assets in an Asset block with drag and drop.

  1. Hover on the asset you would like to move
  2. Click and drag the  icon to reorder

Block settings

To change settings on the block, click the Settings icon on the right.

  • Alignment: Align assets within the container
    • Centered: Center the asset in the container vertically and horizontally
    • Natural height: Use the height of the asset to determine the height of the container
  • Background color: Change the background color of the asset previews (this can also be overridden for specific previews with the asset settings menu)
  • Size: Resize previews

Brand assets

If you have brands enabled, you can switch between brands to show assets from a different brand in your design system.

  • The asset block can display asset from one brand at a time
  • Changing the brand will change the assets available in the token selection menu
  • If there are already assets added when you change the brand, any assets without a matching or aliased asset in the second brand will be removed from the block