Render any markdown file directly inside of your documentation.

Types of blocks - Markdown

Render markdown directly in the page.

  1. Select Markdown from the block menu
  2. Insert markdown URL (with .md shortcut)
  3. Publish documentation

Inserting markdown files from GitHub

  1. Open markdown file in GitHub file browser, e.g.
  2. Click on Raw option from the file navigation bar (as seen on the image below).
  3. Copy the URL from the browser. It should start with
Types of blocks - Markdown (Github)

Import private GitHub markdown files directly into your documentation

1. In Documentation Settings, under Content, add your developer access token to the Markdown private token field. Your GitHub token will start with "ghp_", followed by string of characters.

2. Copy the URL of the markdown file you'd like to show

3. Paste it into a Markdown block in your documentation

Known limitations

  • We do not currently support .mdx extension.
  • Rendered markdown files are not indexed by search and Table of Contents.
Type /markdown to add a markdown block

Type /markdown to add a markdown block