Embed a Storybook story from a URL.

Embed a Storybook URL

Display content from a Storybook URL. This URL can be public, private, or behind a VPN. You must be logged in with Storybook before it will show up in the documentation.

  1. Select Storybook from the block menu
  2. Enter the URL of a Storybook story and click Embed
  3. The story will be displayed — click on the block to open the story in a new window
  4. You can optionally resize the container vertically by using the resize handle (accessible on hover)

Show more details with Add-ons

You can also show more details about the story and interact with its properties by enabling the Storybook Info Add-on.

  1. Hover over the block to access the display menu
  2. Turn the toggle ON to enable Add-ons

Live example

Storybook failed to load. Please connect to the VPN to access.


Type /storybook to add a Storybook block

Type /storybook to add a Storybook block

Provide a custom error message

You can also provide a custom error message to display when there are issues connecting to Storybook, for example if your Storybook is behind a VPN.

  1. Go to Settings -> Documentation -> General
  2. Under the Storybook section, add your custom error message
  3. Publish the documentation for changes to take effect
Adding a custom Storybook error message

Adding a custom Storybook error message