Embed Figma

Embed a public Figma file.

Embed a Figma file from a (public) URL in your documentation as an iFrame with the Figma block.

Embed a Figma file

Type /figma to add an Embed Figma block.

Type /figma to add an Embed Figma block.

  1. Select Embed Figma from the block menu
  2. In Figma, copy the URL of a public Figma file - you only need to copy the URL itself from the public embed code in Figma, which is shown inside quotation marks in the code (you don't need to include the quotation marks).
  3. In Supernova, paste the URL into the field and click Embed
  4. You can resize the container vertically by using the resize handle on hover

Embed an interactive Figma frame

It's also possible to embed interactive frames from Figma.

You simply need to embed a working Figma prototype, then follow the steps above for embedding a Figma file, making sure to only copy the URL from the prototype's embed code as mentioned.