Display text or images in a simple table format.

Types of blocks - Table

Reorder rows and columns

  1. Hover over the row or column you would like to move
  2. Click the = icon and drag to the desired position
Types of blocks - Table options

Add additional rows or columns

  1. Hover over the + button at the end of the table rows or columns
  2. Or, hover and click the = menu on a row or column to open the menu
  3. Select insert column left or insert column right to add an adjacent column
  4. Select insert row above or insert row below to add a row adjacent to the current row

Delete rows or columns

  1. Select the row or column to delete with the = button
  2. Click the = button and select Delete from the menu
  3. Or, when a column or row is selected, press Del to delete the content, or if all cells are empty, row or column will be deleted
Types of blocks - Table column options

Add an image to a table

  1. Click the image icon to the right of the table to add an image in the currently selected cell
  2. Hover to replace or delete the image
  3. Click Add caption... below the image to add a caption
Types of blocks - Table images

Type /table to add a table block.

Type /table to add a table block.