_New ‘Billing’ role

We’ve also added a better component view, a new quick support view, duplication of documentation pages, new content menu tracking, and improved copy/paste in documentation.

This version was released on July 28, 2022


With this version we're bringing many long-requested improvements to Supernova. Let's get to it!

Introducing billing role

You've asked for it and the wait is finally over! Supernova now contains a new Billing role. This role counts as a viewer for all purposes except the ability to change billing-related information. This role doesn't consume a seat!

Improved component columns

We've improved the system for component columns — you can now reorder all component columns except the name column, which will always float on top of the component view.



You can also additionally sort the component view using new sort options.


This is in preparation for many new things coming your way in terms of components (and possibly some other non-component views), stay tuned!

New quick support view

We always want to make sure using Supernova isn't a struggle. We realize that an annoying bug will show up from time to time, or you might be able to find something you're looking for.

But as we're onboarding dozens of new teams every week (insane!!) we're looking for new ways to make it easier to navigate Supernova and ways to give us feedback on things that need improving. Feedback is something we value highly, and we thank you for your continued contribution of questions and ideas — we're trying our best to keep up!

Today, we're introducing an in-built support system that you can find on the right bottom side of the editor screen. Click on it and you can talk with our support, quickly and easily!

Improved documentation copy/paste

We've added the option to copy-paste new elements into the documentation from other websites and tools, including the most requested feature — tables! Just copy the table in its entirety in HTML, and it will show up inside Supernova, nice and formatted.

Documentation page duplication

We've also added the option to duplicate documentation pages and pages contained inside a tab — ideal for creating templates that you want to be replicating across your entire site.

New content menu tracking

We've significantly improved the content menu and its tracking. The content menu can now render 3 levels of headings (H1 was originally ignored), but it will also flawlessly track all the sections that are present on the page at once. This also creates a nice scrolling effect — explore it on this site yourself!



  • We made additional performance improvements to make sure your design systems and docs load even faster!
  • Documentation setting now contain a note to remind you that re-publishing is required for most of the changes in the documentation settings to go through.
  • We improved the error handling to make sure certain Figma API errors are easier to understand.
  • You can now manage all authorizations from the Integrations page.
  • Invoices now mention which kind of paid plan you're using.
  • We made sure that descriptions for Figma frame source files are consistent now.
  • The width of the all the Settings pages was increased.
  • Supernova no longer unnecessarily validates URL links - you can put any links into your docs as you want, including mailto: Uniform Resource Identifier and others.
  • You can now customize the destination of the View Docs button.
  • When your documentation finishes publishing, the Documentation has been published message now shows you the View button that opens the published Docs in the same way as the View button on top.
  • The search of docs blocks using / was updated — the filtering logic now prioritizes certain result types, like full title match before a partial match.
  • It is now possible to navigate around the table block with arrow keyboard keys.
  • Subpages inside tabbed pages (groups) in the left panel now contain context menu as well.


  • Table blocks no longer grey out after creating a new tab and going to the previous page.
  • Switching between documentation pages no longer shows grey boxes.
  • Overriding numerical property not shows the override icon immediately without any additional confirmation needed.
  • Published docs now highlight the proper titles in the Contents table.
  • Resolved the issue when the blank page with image filename on top appeared after uploading the image through the image picker and then switching to some other uncached page.
  • Fixed a typo when creating only one alias Supernova showed 1 new aliases were created message instead of 1 new alias was created.
  • Privacy Policy link in the privacy policy section on user profile is now properly highlighted.
  • Proper error message is now shown when pasting tab blocks fails.
  • The list of exporters now displays the correct number of Builds and Hooks.
  • Removing yourself from team as admin no longer throws 403 error.
  • Redoing the added image in the table through Cmd + Shift Z shortcut now works properly.


That's it for today, but stay tuned, another update coming tomorrow!

As always, if you'd like to see something new, fixed, or improved, join our Discord community — we're always there. Thank you for your support!