_Catching bugs

Wrapping up loose ends to make your experience stellar!

This version was released on October 7, 2022


Thank you for reporting a few bugs with the new release that we are hotfixing right away, namely:

  • Publishing of documentation will no longer fail under design systems that defined shadows, gradients, or blurs not coming natively from Figma
  • Components with variants will once again show in component select
  • The self-serve Company plan will now properly show under all states of the workspace (unless you've already been on the annual Company plan)
  • We have updated VSCode extension with all new sweet features, like the option to fetch all Figma components (ds.allDesignComponents()) and option to access newly added properties on all tokens (token.properties())
  • We have also added support for multi-layer shadows, gradients, and blurs into our export architecture and we will be reworking exporters (especially CSS-related ones) in the upcoming days to properly use those new capabilities

We are overwhelmed with the positive response (thank you!!) about the new release and we are continuing to wrap up some loose ends. We are especially looking to improve some small nuances about the new UX, like the token type selector that many of you reported could be more visible/approachable:

We'd like to hear your feedback about what would be your preferred choice! Please let us know in our community and have a great weekend!