Color stacks

Plus a few nice things that didn’t make our previous release, like an even better search functionality.

This version was released on July 22, 2022


We are one more option to render the documentation tokens that didn't make it to the previous release, here it is!

Introducing Color Stacks

Stacks are special mode of rendering your tokens, that take precedent in some well known design systems like Material UI. You can use stacks similarly to other token rendering modes. Here is a preview of what can be done with them!



You can also stack (pun intended) multiple columns together, making for really nice views. There are now 6 disctinct modes of how to render tokens, with more to come.

Additional improvements

Here are one additional improvements that is connected to the last release:

  • We have improved the new search 2.0 and it can now search categories of documentation alongside pages as well. If you select a category, first page of that category will be selected.


As always, if you would like see something new, fixed or improved, join our Discord community - we are always there. Thank you for your support!


Full Stack Showcase

There is nothing more in the release notes beyond this content, so we just wanted to show you what happens if you put all stacks in special, dual mode, to the docs. Beware: lot of colors! Have a great weekend!