SSO Configuration & Version Deletion

This version was released on July 28, 2023.


Happy summer! We've been hard at work and busy making Supernova even better, and this time we're bringing you new SSO configuration options and the ability to delete unwanted versions. Check out our latest improvements below.

SSO configuration options

It's now possible to enable and disable manual member invitations on a workspace level. It's also possible to enable and disable both SSO-only access to published docs and manual invitations at the same time.

Introducing: version deletion

Tired of having outdated versions in your workspace? Now you can delete them to keep things clean and tidy.

Just click the trash icon in your workspace's relevant row of the Versions table to delete the version you no longer want.

General improvements

  • Improved documentation performance.


  • The documentation with the legacy URL won't redirect you to a file download anymore.
  • Versions are listed from newest to oldest again.

That's it for this release, and we'll be back with more soon. As always, if you'd like to see something new, fixed, or improved, join our Discord community — we're always there. You can also request a feature via our Feature Request Portal. Thanks for your support!