Some much needed improvements and fixes heading your way, today. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone currently in the US!

This version was released on November 24, 2022

Following our exciting set of design token-related releases, we wanted to take an opportunity to focus on smaller improvements and bug fixes. And as always we'd love to hear from you if you've been experiencing any issues or just want to chat, our Discord channel is the best way to get in touch with us.


  • Exporters are no longer restricted only to GitHub, they can be fetched from Bitbucket, GitLab and GitHub now. Support for Azure-backed exporters is on a roadmap but requires bit more work still.
  • Documentation editor uses page IDs in the URL now, which means that you can now send out the link to the specific page! It also means that refreshing documentation editor will properly load the page you were previously at.
  • Shortcut blocks can now use circular links and the limitation was removed.
  • Markdown should now be more stable when importing over 10 markdown pages at once (including for those who have 50+ pages :)
  • Shortcut blocks will no longer cause documentation to not deploy when they contain link to not existing page.
  • Shortcut blocks will no longer generate link when they link to a hidden page
  • It's now possible to define which token properties are going to be exported in the specific token block.
  • Asset block now shows only the first 20 embed assets in the editor; the rest of them are shortened in the editor. Published documentation contains all assets.
  • It's now possible to upload .woff2 and .eod files as resources


  • Updating theme source no longer triggers the update of all sources.
  • Creating new pages no longer causes the page to change positions for split second.
  • Rich text editor bar works properly again.
  • Clicking on the invite link now takes you to the proper welcome page.
  • Block variant picker is no longer wrapping and shortening longer named variants into ....
  • Data sources indicator is now brand-sensitive.
  • Hitting Shift + Tab while having list items selected no longer changes their order.
  • Scroll bar no longer appears in the initial onboarding.
  • Dark theme now properly appears in all brands.
  • View button is no longer missing in the successfull documentation deploy message.
  • VIEW BUILDS text in the button after triggering hook is properly aligned now.
  • Code formatting no longer results in the decreased performance when using Safari.
  • Text highlighting in editor now works properly in Safari.


That's it for this release, but we'll be back with more soon. As always, if you'd like to see something new, fixed, or improved, join our Discord community — we're always there. You can also request a feature on our Feature Request Portal. Thank you for your support!