Team management
Team members can be viewed on the Team page in Supernova. From the Team page, member roles can be changed, new members can be invited, and existing members can be removed.
For a list of permissions around team management, see Administration.
Team page in Supernova

Invite team members

Team members invited to a design system will also be added to your workspace. From the Team page, you can manage the roles and status of all team members in the workspace.
To add team members to your design system:
    In your design system, click on the Settings tab
    View the Team tab to see a list of the design system team members
    Click + New to invite a new member to the team
Only admin and owner roles can invite new team members
To add new team members to your workspace:
    From the Team page, click + New
    Enter the email addresses of the invitees, and select a role for each new member
    If you are on the team plan, non-reviewer roles will count as a seat. See Billing for details.
The new team members will receive an email invitation, and they will show up as pending in the list until they have accepted.
Inviting new workspace members
Upgrade to Team or Company plan to add editors, admins, and unlimited reviewers

Resend invitation

If a user is pending but did not receive the email or you would like to remind them, on the team page click Resend invitation to email them again.

Remove team members

To remove team members from your workspace:
    From the Team page, hover on the team member you would like to remove and click Remove
    The team member will now be removed and lose access to the workspace and design systems
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