We’ve tidied up a few errors in documentation and downgraded plans.

This version was released on June 10, 2022


With this version, we have fixed quite a few annoying issues regarding documentation and made sure the users are not impacted by downgraded plan.


  • If the content of the page is empty, the Content section in published Docs is not displayed anymore.


  • We have resolved an issue when the Editor role accessing the editor in downgraded Workspace ran into 403 error.
  • Header Row and Columns are properly highlighted in the published Docs now.
  • Sidebar in published Docs is properly hidden when the Show sidebar option is switched off.
  • Tables set as Fit to page width render properly sized in published Docs.
  • Godot exporter generates the proper file structure even when exporting multiple Gradient token groups now.


As always, if you would like see something new, fixed or improved, join our Discord community - we are always there. Thank you for your support!