Welcome to Supernova

Learn how to build, manage and maintain design systems in smarter ways.

Put simply, Supernova allows you to build better products, faster.

Supernova manages the entire design system lifecycle in one place. It's designed to fit with the way your team already works — without changing tools or maintaining self-built workflows and integrations — to enable your team to build better products.

Connect Figma files to your Supernova design system, sync design tokens via our Tokens Studio integration, and import variables from Figma via our plugin to ensure you constantly have the most-up-to-date design data in your design system.

Create advanced documentation using this data to keep documentation in sync whenever changes are made. Finally, connect design and code by automating code delivery with code pipelines to deliver tokens, styles, icons, components and documentation to your codebases.

Design system management

Maintain design truth for multiple teams and products.

Connect your Supernova design system to your design data sources, which Supernova keeps updated automatically by importing any changes made to them. Manage, maintain and extend design tokens with custom data, and distribute them to any destination, without having to create custom solutions.


Build fully customizable documentation using your design system data.

Hit the ground running with our powerful editor that can embed dynamic data from your design system, and contains a selection of documentation blocks that can instantly render all kinds of content, and keep your documentation in sync whenever changes are made. Embed Storybook stories, Figma assets and styles, live code examples, and more.

With dynamic templates powering the documentation, Supernova allows you to customize every aspect of your documentation — from a documentation site that embodies your brand, to custom blocks that suit your unique requirements.

Code automation

Connect design and code in one place.

Automate the delivery of asset sets, style libraries and design tokens with Supernova's code pipelines feature. Easily convert design data into code or assets with powerful, fully customizable exporters for the most common platforms such as iOS, Android, React Web, React Native, and Flutter. Customize the delivery so it fits your needs and company standards.