Supernova glossary

Learn the lingo!

Designs systems can come with a complicated vocabulary, so we've defined some common terms found inside (and outside!) Supernova.



Active exporter

The enabled exporter for a particular action


Exportable components (eg. icons)

Automatic update / Autoupdate

Checks for changes from your design system files periodically (from Figma)

Base value

The core value assigned to a token, before any overrides (eg. theme values) are applied


Variations of a single design system, assigned to different brands


A single run of a specific exporter that points to a specific design system and version

Code preview

Preview the output of running an exporter


A collection of smaller aspects of design elements, used in UX and design patterns throughout your brand or product

Custom properties

Properties that can be added to tokens and components

Default documentation exporter

The default exporter for the documentation site

Design source

An integration that acts as a source for the design system (Figma file, Tokens Studio, Figma Variables Sync plugin)

Design system

A set of reusable components, styles, and tokens guided by standards that are used to build products or applications, and instruction for how they should be used in design.

Design system data

Anything you have added to your design system in Supernova (tokens, components, assets or fonts)


Documentation contains all the information about a design system

Documentation editor

The edit mode of the documentation site

Documentation exporter

An exporter for the documentation site


A package that transforms design system data into production code

Figma component

A component imported from Figma

Font source

The source file of a font that is used in your design system


Groups of text characters in specific styles and sizes used in your design system


A top-level container for components or areas within your design


Design system content that is imported from a data source into Supernova

Import checklist

A number of criteria that must be met in order for your content to be importable

Import summary

A summary of the content that was imported, imported with issues, or failed to import

Import updates

A button that triggers Supernova to import all changes that have been made and published in your data source files

Installed exporter

An exporter that is installed and available for use in your Supernova workspace

Last updated / Latest updates

A timestamp or summary of the last updates for a certain element in your design system

Latest version

The most recently published version of your design system/documentation


When a theme value is layered on top of a matching token’s values in the design system


A code pipeline that automatically watches for events in the design system, runs a specified exporter, and delivers the resulting code to your chosen destination


Your personal Supernova profile


Add information to components in your design system

Property type

Type of value that a property can have

Property value

Value of property applied to a token or component


The link between a referenced token’s value and the value of the token it was created from

Selected brand

The brand you would like to use tokens from to configure styling for your documentation


In Figma, styles are a defined set of properties or attributes of an object. Styles are imported to Supernova as tokens.


A free marketplace containing exporters created by the Supernova team and developer community


A set of overrides for token values in a design system

Theme token

A token contained within a theme

Theme value

The value of an override for a single token as part of a theme


Style definitions in your design system that can be consumed by the codebases and projects using your design system, consisting of a name and value, and an optional description.


Which parts of your data sources are being used for your design system, and what they’re being used for.


A snapshot of your design system and documentation content at one moment


The home for your design systems and where your team will collaborate