Managing your profile

Manage your personal details and account.

You can manage your profile details, like your name and profile image, in the Profile section of Settings. You can also delete your account here.

Profile settings

Change your name or nickname

  1. On the Profile page, enter your new name or nickname in the relevant field.
  2. Click Save to finish.

Change or delete your profile image

  1. Under the image on the Profile page, click Change image and select the new image you want.
  2. To delete the image, click Remove image.
  3. Click Save to finish.

Delete your account

  1. On the Profile page, find the Delete account section.
  2. Click Delete account.
  3. A dialog will open. In it, type DELETE and click Delete account to confirm and permanently delete your Supernova account.

Need to change your password?

You can do this by signing out of Supernova, and then opening the Sign In page once again and clicking Forgot password (which can be found just above the password field). We'll send you a link to reset your password.