Managing your team

Add new workspace members, manage their roles, and more.


You can view and manage your team in the Workspace members section under the Team and access section in your Settings. From here, you can invite or remove members, transfer ownership of the workspace to another member, and switch members to different roles.

Most actions can be done from the context menu. To open it, hover on the relevant workspace member's row in the table, and click ....

Any new members you've invited will receive an email and will show up as 'PENDING' in the list until they've accepted the invitation.

Resend invitation

You can see if a user hasn't accepted their invitation yet — there will be a 'PENDING' label beside their name. If a user is pending but did not receive the email, or you would like to remind them, click Send invitation again in the context menu to email them again.

Note: This option won't be shown in the context menu of the user has accepted the invitation.

Change a member's role

There are four roles in Supernova. By default, the person who creates the workspace is the Owner, who has full access to edit the workspace, design systems or team members.

Types of roles in Supernova




The owner can edit any aspect of the workspace or design systems, can delete the workspace, transfer ownership to someone else on the team, and manage billing and accounts. This is a paid seat.


An admin can edit all aspects of the workspace, create new design systems for others to use, and manage billing and accounts. This is a paid seat.


Editors can participate in creation and editing of design system content, but are unable to change workspace or team settings. Editor seats are paid seats.


Viewers can see and use design system content, but can’t add or edit existing design system data. Viewers do not count as paid seats, however there are limits per plan for how many you can add.


The billing role is restricted to billing-related features only, and does not count as a paid seat.

Change role

  1. Click ... in the relevant row in the Workspace members table to open the context menu.
  2. In the context menu, select the role you want to switch the member to. You'll see every available option for that member. For example, if you want to switch an Editor to an Admin, click Change to Admin.
  3. The member's role will be updated.

If you're changing a user's role from an unpaid role (Viewer or Billing) to a paid role (Editor, Admin or Owner), we'll let you know that you're adding a new paid seat to your plan, and show you how much extra this will cost. Once the cost of the new seat is paid, the member's role will be changed and your plan will be updated.

Remove workspace members

  1. Click ... in the relevant row in the Workspace members table to open the context menu.
  2. In the context menu, click Remove from workspace.
  3. A dialog will open. Click Remove member to confirm.
  4. The workspace member will be removed and lose access to the workspace and design systems. If they were in a paid seat, this seat will become empty and can be filled by another user whenever you like.

Transfer workspace ownership

  1. In the context menu, click Transfer ownership.
  2. A dialog will open. Type TRANSFER and click Transfer ownership to confirm.