Look & feel

Tailor the look and feel of your documentation site to match your brand.


You can customize your documentation website to fit your company and brand. Most visual settings can be found in the Look & feel section of your documentation settings.


Website logo

  • Add an image that will be displayed on all pages of your documentation website under Site logo.
  • Choose the height for your logo (in pixels) under Logo size.
  • Add a favicon for your site under Site favicon.

Website colors

  • Set a color for links, selected states and active items under Accent color.
  • Set a color to use in hover state links, selected states and active items under Alternative accent color.
  • Set a color for backgrounds of active and selected items under Surface accent color.

Icon style

  • Set a stroke width for all icons in your documentation (in pixels) under Icon stroke width.

Font styles

  • Select the font used in your published documentation under Font family.
  • If you use a custom font family (e.g. from Google Fonts), you might need to embed it under Custom font embed. You can add multiple fonts if you want.

Custom theme and CSS overrides

  • Change the look and feel of the published documentation using overrides of CSS custom properties (variables) under Theme overrides.
  • Add any other custom CSS overrides you like under Custom CSS.