View and document exportable assets in your design system.

Assets overview

In Supernova, assets are exportable components that are used in your design system. These assets are considered a component that you may want to export, such as icons, and any components that are exportable in Figma will be imported into Supernova as an asset.

Importing assets

Assets import summary

To see your assets in Supernova, import a Figma file that contains components with an export setting in Figma. You can import assets from Figma directly from the Assets section.

See Importing from Figma for more information, and a step by step guide for importing data from a Figma file.

You'll see the number of assets imported from your file in the import summary.

Import from assets context

The assets will then appear under the Assets tab in your design system. If your assets are grouped in Figma, they'll be organised into groups for you in Supernova, too. You can also view the source file for each asset by hovering on the Figma logo in the corner of each asset card.

Find an imported asset

You can easily search for an asset from your assets list using the search bar at the top right corner of the screen.