Working with tokens

Learn how to create, edit, group and delete your design tokens.

Here's how to quickly create a token, and how to delete tokens you no longer need.

Create a new token in Supernova

  1. Click + New token to open the New token drawer.
  2. Select a group for the token if you want. You can also create a new group.
  3. Add a name and description for the token.
  4. Enter or select a value for the token.
  5. Add any custom properties if necessary.
  6. Click Create token to finish and save.

Import a token to Supernova

Of course, you can also import styles to Supernova, and we'll convert them into design tokens for you. You can import from a Figma file, via our Figma Variables Sync plugin (if you're using variables) or via our Tokens Studio integration.

You can import tokens directly from the Tokens section.

To learn more about importing, read the section Import design system data.


Delete a token in Supernova

  1. In the tokens table, click on the token you want to delete to open the Token detail drawer.
  2. Click the trash icon at the bottom right corner of the drawer.
  3. A confirmation dialog will open. Click Delete token to permanently delete the token.
  4. You can also click ... beside the token name and complete this action from the context menu.