Pages, groups and tabs

Add structure to your documentation site.

Any page can include subpages in the form of tabs. Adding a tab to a page turns it into a tabbed page. This is a good way to structure different sections of information with the same theme.

Page context menu

Add a tab

Add tabs
  1. Beside the page name in the navigation, click ••• to open the context menu.
  2. Click + Add tab.
  3. In the New tab dialog, give your tab a name and click New tab.

Add tab content

To add content to a tab, click the tab and add content as you normally would in the area below.

Edit a tab

  1. Hover over the tab you would like to edit, click ••• to open the context menu.
  2. From this menu, you can rename the tab, duplicate it, hide it, or delete it.
Tab context menu

Duplicate a tab

  1. Select Duplicate tab from the menu.
  2. The duplicated tab will automatically appear next to the original.

Hide a tab

Hide tabs in the published site, including from search.

  1. Select Hide tab from the menu.
  2. Publish the documentation to see changes reflected.
  3. You can unhide the page by following the same steps, but this time clicking Unhide tab in the menu.

Delete a tab

Removing a tab will also remove its contents. Please move the contents to another page if you would like to preserve them.

  1. Note -> Move tab contents before deleting if you would like to save them.
  2. Click Delete tab from the menu.
  3. In the confirmation dialog, click Delete tab.

Return page to default

Deleting the last tab will return the page to its default state, without tabs. You can always add a tab again to convert it into a tabbed page.

Return tab to previous layout
  1. Remove all other tabs but the last one.
  2. Click Convert to page layout to remove the last tab. In this case, page content will be preserved, and the layout will return to a normal page.